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A portfolio of 9 Self-Storage facilities of non-climate controlled (NCC) and climate-controlled (CC) storage spread over 2,879 units. The Portfolio also includes 12,000 square feet of office/retail space, 268 parking units, and 1 billboard.

Quick decision-makers may realize additional tax benefits for 2021.


Portfolio Diversity with Private Investments

Traditionally, individual passive investment options are limited to stocks, bonds, and other publicly traded securities.

These, closely related, investment types are considered “diversified”, while in reality stocks are often subject to higher volatility, while bonds are more stable, but most offer modest returns that of late can barely keep up with inflation, and other securities usually require a deep understanding of financial markets and/or a significant time investment.

Institutional investors — such as hedge funds, insurance companies, and endowments — have been investing in alternative financial vehicles for decades, while the closest most individual investors get to the more stable, predictable real estate markets is through RITs, where the individuals have no control over which assets their money buys.

It is time for you to take control of your money, and selectively invest it away from the turmoil of the stock exchanges.

Ibex Real Estate Funds handpicks prime opportunities to invest in private offerings with lower volatility and better returns – It is time to diversify the smart way.


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